Joel Plaskett

The Window Inn Sessions

The Window Inn Sessions

"The Window Inn Sessions" by Joel Plaskett contains several collaborations with fellow Canadian artists, Mo Kenney, Garrett Mason, Erin Costello and more.


1. Accident [Joel Plaskett; Benj Rowland]
2. Absentminded Melody [Joel Plaskett; Benj Rowland]
3. Mountain Road [Joel Plaskett; Benj Rowland]
4. What I Like About Charles [Joel Plaskett; Dave Marsh]
5. Turn it On [Joel Plaskett; Erin Costelo]
6. Computer Love [Joel Plaskett; Garrett Mason]
7. Variations on a Theme [Joel Plaskett; Bill Stevenson]
8. The UV Factor [Joel Plaskett; Bill Stevenson]
9. True Patriot Love [Joel Plaskett; Mo Kenney]
10. Unglued [Joel Plaskett; Mo Kenney]
11. The New Matthew [Joel Plaskett; Mo Kenney]

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