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New Album + Spring Tour Pre-Sale

Hey All,

I’m busy on the home stretch of a new album project to be released in April 2020. It’s shaping up and I’m excited about it. It features tracks recorded on my own, with the Emergency (Dave Marsh and Chris Pennell) and with other musical friends here Halifax, Memphis, Nashville and Toronto. I’ll be hitting the road in April and May in Canada with the Emergency and our immensely talented friend, Mo Kenney, as part of the band. More on the record when the New Year arrives, but in the meantime, if you’d like to get tickets for the tour you can follow the links below. 

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Youth Climate Strike

Hi Folks,

I’m writing this note in support of the the Youth Climate Strikes happening this Friday September 27th here in Halifax and that have been happening around the world between the 20th and 27th . The next generation (my son included) is inheriting a world that is rapidly warming up due to our collective actions and inaction.

Like many of us, I’m busy with life and its responsibilities and I often feel overwhelmed by the scale of the climate issues we are facing. But I am truly grateful and inspired by the many young people standing up for the future,

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Thrush Hermit Cross-Country Tour

Hello Everybody,

We are about to fire up the motor to get ready for our Thrush Hermit cross Canada reunion tour where we revisit our album, Clayton Park, that we released 20 years ago. Dusting off our eight-foot neon Rock and Roll sign, inquiring whether gongs can be rented (let’s hope so!) and restringing the Gibson SG and RD. For purists concerned our performance won’t feel era correct, please note that Ian’s bass still only has three strings and the burn marks from where he used to blow fireballs off the headstock (likely not in the cards due to honoring fire regulations –

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Skinner’s Pond & The Granville Green

What a fun weekend! On Saturday, Dad and I played The Stompin Tom Centre in Skinner’s Pond, PEI. My foot is sore but I had to honour the fine print in the contract. A great crowd made for a great night in a beautiful part of the island we had never been before.

Yesterday I met up with the Emergency in Port Hawkesbury for a return to the Granville Green. An epic evening, and as Dave succinctly put it, “one for the bass drum”. Once in a blue moon a show gets added to the list on bass drum head and when 30 kids swarm the stage to dance it is time to get out the permanent marker.

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