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Total Request with Joel Plaskett

We’ve all experienced a first day on a new job, and it can be tricky. Take notes in a meeting or make thoughtful eye contact? Bring a lunch or plan to go out and meet some colleagues? How far can I stretch the ‘casual’ in ‘business casual?’

Luckily, my first day here was not only successful, but also simply a great day. I’m the newest member of the audio work-study team and my first task was getting some questions ready for my inaugural interview with Joel Plaskett: singer-songwriter, Canadian gem and one of my favourite artists.

The interview went splendidly, and once I turned off the microphone, I told him that I love the old Thrush Hermit song Before You Leave, but I especially love his rarely played acoustic version of the tune. It’s a beautiful song about heartache and, after almost ten concerts I’ve followed Plaskett to, I’ve never heard it played live.

He told me that he wasn’t sure if he could play the tune, but admitted that he does enjoy performing it. I left the request at that and thanked him for the interview. By the time the acoustic set of his show rolled around I had forgotten all about our chat and was enjoying each song.

by Camara Miller