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On & On & On

You have arrived son
Is this the last frontier?
It’s quite a drive son
So get yourself in gear
‘Cause, kid, you ain’t home yet
Cement takes some time to set
It’s been a long haul
Am I knocking on the wrong wall?
You have arrived son

Messy business
This mess is surely mine
A sketchy witness
Picked me out a line
I know that I messed up
When I drank from that cup
Been entertaining
Now you’ve got some explaining
It’s messy business

Nova Scotian
That the blood that’s in my veins
By the ocean
Til I fanned those prairie flames
Footloose and fancy free
Now I’m a spinning 33
Complete devotion
Is that the cost of love’s commotion?
Nova Scotian

Bad things happen
That much we understand
But hands keep clappin’
When the shit does hit the fan
You can’t let it do you in
Somebody get me my gin
Hands keep clappin’
I miss Scott Tappen
Bad things happen

So many places
I have traveled in my months
Wide open spaces
Down to claustrophobic trunks
And if they lock you down too long
You can pay them back in song
Feel it coming
Just like my guitar humming
I will pay you back now

I sing a verse now
For those come and gone
And left this earth now
And we’re stuck here rolling on
I can still hear Tappen tap
I can still hear Judy’s laugh
Helen’s making movies
And my Granny Kay, she’s baking cookies
They’ve come and gone now

Friends from high school
They show up now and then
It’s kind of awkward
To make like we’re still friends
I guess in a way we are
I usually see them in a bar
You’ve been drinking
Now that gets me to thinking
It’s kind of awkward

I’m just like my father
With calloused fingertips
I’m just like my mother
When the red wine’s at her lips
Been rocking on the bow
But I’m home to tell you now
I found the right rhyme
Without the daytime there’s no nighttime
Just like your parents

Stompin Tommin’
In a badass cowboy hat
The boy king of this and that
And when Margo starts to dig
I hope Reggie’s got the gig
Is it uncommon?
To have nothing in common?
With friends from high school

True deception
It will break your heart in two
We need protection
From the words that cut right through
If you wanna know how it feels
Under your thumb, under your wheels
You heartless bastard!
Quit denying this disaster
It’s true deception

To the point now
I’m tired of feeling down
And out of joint now
I’m so sick of messing around
Help me out now if you can
Won’t you lend a clapping hand?
I won’t disappoint you
No, I don’t want to disappoint you
What’s your point now?

Sheila Rogers
I like her speaking voice
Sons and daughters
Going down to Critic’s Choice
Rent a movie and stay in
Somebody get me my Pimm’s
Floorboards creakin’
Hush up now Sheila’s speakin’
It’s Sheila Rogers

Baby, I miss you
I’ve been gone too long
Swimsuit issue
Now I’m just rattling on
Your loving sure felt fine
So turn off your seat belt sign
Hear me knocking
This deadbolt needs unlocking
Baby, I miss you

Long and winding
This long, long winded road
Lost and finding
Out my future’s bought and sold
They’ll price me with a tag
Then they’ll put you in a bag
It’s too expensive!
Why you so defensive?
Long and winding

Triple record
Now that’s just rattling off
My past is checkered
And my future’s polka dots
I’ve been gone too long
I’m so sick of all these songs
You’re in the driveway
Our love is like a highway
It goes on & on & on