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New Scotland Blues

Late October, in a rut
Leaves came down when the wind picked up
Seems to happen every fall
The wind picks up and takes ’em all

On the 29th, I set the time
Back an hour, drank some wine
Stayed up late, woke up early
With my head so full of worry

Ooh, you stay away from me
I’ve seen what you can do
I play for money but I sing for free
My New Scotland Blues

True regrets, I’ve had a few
But I know I’ve had my way too
In my back pocket, walkin’ round
True regrets, they can be found
My true regrets, they travel town

Always walking on a wire
Now I’m worn out, now I’m tired
I’m tired of the push, tired of the shove
I’m tired of the fight and tired of the love
If I sound cold put on some gloves

Are you ready, are you not?
You can’t hide the things you thought
Trying so hard not to blink
I think I’ve had too much to drink
Now I can’t hide the things I think

Ooh, you get away from me
You don’t have a clue
Ain’t nobody gonna change the key
Of my New Scotland Blues

In the basement singing songs
Hear the furnace turning on
Press record and then rewind
Listen back to another time
Remind myself what was on my mind
It sounds like I had too much wine