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Gone, Gone, Gone

Gone, gone, gone
That’s what it looks like from here
Gone, gone, gone
You’ve been packing your bags for a year
Watching your taillights fade, that’s all I ever do
Watching you complicate a love so true
Pretty soon I’ll be gone too

Gone, gone, gone
What’s the big idea?
Where’d we go from here?
My love, always gone
Always right, never wrong
Await the light, chase the dawn
Through the night, but the night’s so long

Gone, gone, gone
That’s your middle name
Every night’s the same
My love, count ’em down
3, 2, 1, you’re back around
You close the door, you don’t make a sound
But 1, 2, 3 and you’re leaving town

In the middle of a lonely night
Got caught in the hallway light
For a minute you were getting close
I suspect I’ve seen a ghost
In the middle of a highway dream
You got caught in the headlight’s beam
Down the road with your tired eyes
Good old boys with your old goodbyes

Bye, bye
That’s your only tune
April, May and June
My love, you come and go
Seasons change and flowers grow
By and by, the highway glow
You roll fast but the night rolls slow

Slow, slow
Time is rolling on
Sing “Two Winters Long”
My love, where you been?
Around the bend and back again
You’re never wrong, you’re always right
But you look different in this light

Make this clear, you disappeared, left me here
Gone, gone, gone, never wrong, sing your song
“Two Winters Long”

Gone, gone, gone
Surely we’ll say this again
Gone, gone, gone
In the cold early morning rain
Singing someone else’s tune, that’s all you ever do
Light on your feet in this room, but I know your shoes
Pretty soon I’ll be gone too