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Beyond, Beyond, Beyond

Me and you on Gallows Hill
1980, 1 or 2
Hurry up and tie your shoe
We’re gonna be late for school
Passing through the gravestones as we’re drawing near
I do not know anyone who’s buried here

In the basement singing songs
Hughie, turn the PA on
Judy let us rock that room
Out of time and out of tune
Walk the streets of Lunenburg, recall the time
I’m counting all the crows upon the power line

It’s beyond, beyond, beyond
I don’t know where to go, I don’t know where to run
It’s beyond, beyond, beyond
Of any place I know, this is the darkest one

In’87 I moved away
So long, boys, I’ll be back someday
I’ll visit every now and then
It’s the Beginning of the End
Judy’d come to see us when we played in town
Family and friends are so important now

September shaking sadness sings
Now look at what October brings
Answering the phones that ring
People speak unspeakable things
Trying to think of something I can say to them
Coming up with nothing
Again, again, again

Me and you on Gallows Hill
So much anger left to kill
You’re drifting out and drifting in
Where to end, where to begin?
Passing through the gravestones as we’re drawing near
Somebody we know and love is buried here

Anger flows like rivers deep
But in my heart I swear I’ll keep
Beauty, love and people close
Because that is what we need the most
The green grass on the hillside grows so high and true
They’d need a million crows to kill a sky this blue