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New Year's Weekend Shows Update

Tickets for the two Halifax Marquee shows are selling very quickly and there are a couple of things on the ticket front that you should know…

Firstly, and the big drag, someone (waste of skin and space, I’d wager) broke into the Music Stop location in Dartmouth and made off with – among other things – our ticket cash and a number of tickets. So, if some bozo approaches you about buying some Emergency tickets for New Year’s Eve, don’t do it. We have the stolen ticket numbers and if you’ve got one of ’em, the boys in blue are going to have some questions for you…

Secondly, Music Stop locations in Bedford and Halifax have only a couple of New Year’s Eve show tickets left. They do have tickets for the all ages show though. Best bets for the NYE tickets are Frozen Ocean and Sam’s, both on Barrington. I should also tell you that we will be closing the on-line purchasing option for New Year’s Eve soon because we’re getting very close to a sell-out already. I predicted December 21st as the sell out date and it might very well work out that way. If it doesn’t sell out on that date, it will definitely be done by Christmas.

Get on your horses, before it’s too late!