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Lightning Bolt – Lyrics

This is our only chance
For certain happenstance
Some scrappy happiness
It’s time to hit the bricks

Beyond the palisades
Your solo record plays
A lonely pine tree sways
Somewhere out in the sticks

I lose myself out here
I never see things clear
I do not care my dear
About anything but you

I’ll thank my lucky stars
I’ll hang from monkey bars
I’ll drive in rusty cars
To do the things I do

It’s not your fault
This life’s a lightning bolt

Corrective surgery
Charge me with perjury
Get down on bended knee
I’ll lie between my teeth

I will not sell you out
No matter what they shout
I do not have a doubt
That beauty loves the beat

I don’t know where I’ve been
I don’t know anything
I’m sure of one small thing
A kettle’s gonna boil

Travel through space and time
I’d like a vodka lime
A twist of the sublime
One small immortal coil

It’s no one’s fault
My life’s a lightning bolt

We look into the sky
We see electric shock
And in the darkest night
We pick the toughest lock
The place we were before
We made the memory
One thing I know for sure
We need uncertainty
The sky so bright and pure
Let me get particular

Pushing papers, pushing drugs by chance
Cutting corners, cutting rugs at the dance
Killing time, I’m killing it right now
I’m getting going, getting lit somehow
35, I need a few more years
But I only need a few more tears
36, I’m only getting started
What does become of the broken hearted?

People swaying on a summer night
Raging on against the dying light
I was sick but I’ve been cured
Gentlemen, ladies: rest assured

It’s not your fault
This life’s a lightning bolt

Don’t let it bring you down
You get one go around
Come walk a while with me
We’ll stand beneath a tree
Baby, that’s all she wrote
My life’s a lightning bolt

All that we get for free is electricity