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I don’t believe there is a plan
Feels too much like an accident
I stumble blindly into your life
This non-believer

We walk under these city lights
We stand under the darkest nights
And I can’t imagine anything at all
Up there beyond the sky

I went to church on Christmas Eve
For the first time in a century
I sang the carols but I could not believe
This non-believer

My dad said, “Son, there’s nothing else
Before you love someone you gotta learn to love yourself
And know when they’re gone, they will truly be gone
So don’t you waste your time.”

So I wasted time, the die I cast
But I will not blame this on my past
I broke your heart just messing around
This non-believer

I open up my eyes to find
You’ve learned a few tricks in your time
I spent my days just treading the water
Never learning how to swim

My friends and family call me up
Say,”You’re alright, but what the fuck?
What were you thinking? Did you lose your head?
You foolish non-believer.”

It’s buried deep but I expect
There is something here to resurrect
When people collide and buildings collapse
We’ve gotta try again

I don’t believe there is a plan
Feels to much like an accident

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La De Da