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Down Under Make a Little Noise compilation review

Here’s a little something from our Australian label, Code One. From the Aussie version of Rolling Stone magazine… Hmmm, how come we don’t have our own version in Canuckland?


Joel Plaskett Emergency – Make a Little Noise – MGM – ***1/2

Australia-only collection from varied Canadian songwriter

Inside the cover of this compilation is a note from Joel Plaskett expressing his gratitude for the openness of Australian audiences and the kinship he feels with us fellow members of the Commonwealth. It’s a rare but telling personal touch from this relentlessly touring Canadian: his songs are crafted with the same thoughtful and genuine spirit – if not always outstanding, they’re never less than honest and open.

This isn’t maudlin, edge-of-the-bed singer-songwriter stuff: the “Emergency� of the title signifies the band in Plaskett’s various musical guises (he recently toured Australia with them and Augie March after an earlier, epistle-inspiring solo tour). Songs like “Maybe We Should Just Go Home� and “True Patriot Love� are brilliant guitar-pop tracks, instilled with the spirit of Big Star, the Lemonheads and early Cheap Trick. This Oz-only disc compiles songs from Plaskett’s Canadian releases, providing a pocket guide to his solo and band work.

Ben Gook

Thank you very much, Ben!