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Book Excerpt: Joel Plaskett demonstrates his true patriot love through music

By Josh O’Kane, The Globe and Mail

For a quarter-century, Joel Plaskett has been making acclaimed music from his home base of Halifax. In the forthcoming book Nowhere With You, Globe and Mail reporter Josh O’Kane – a Maritimer now living in Toronto – explores how Plaskett’s career and songs relate to life on Canada’s east coast, and where they fit in the CanCon canon. It will be published April 1.

The guys from Sloan were back for the holidays, and word had it they’d be at Dave Marsh’s new house for a party. Even though the Halifax drummer’s place had no furniture, Joel Plaskett had every reason to be there: It was close to home, his mentors in Sloan had long ago moved to Toronto, and in recent months Marsh had become a close confidant and musical partner. But instead, Plaskett got into his green ’69 Pontiac Parisienne and spent the last few hours of the 20th century driving to Cape Breton. [READ MORE]