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Exclaim! reviews Solidarity

By Kyle Mullin, Exclaim!

Solidarity, the new collaborative LP between Joel Plaskett (arguably the East Coast’s biggest-ever indie star) and his father Bill (who has a formidable legacy in his own right as the cofounder of Nova Scotia’s Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival), is a joyous family affair and a must own release for fans of both artists’ genres. By turns playful and melancholy, it merges Celtic folk with indie rock, and showcases the beautifully shared vision between a father and his son.

Both Plasketts’ passion and prowess are evident throughout, but one of the album’s most compelling aspects is how it shows the sharp contrasts in their approaches. The Joel-helmed “Up in the Air,” for instance, boasts immersive, full-bodied production, and couldn’t sound more different than Bill’s skeletal acoustic playing on “Jim Jones.” [READ MORE]