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Youth Climate Strike

Hi Folks,

I’m writing this note in support of the the Youth Climate Strikes happening this Friday September 27th here in Halifax and that have been happening around the world between the 20th and 27th . The next generation (my son included) is inheriting a world that is rapidly warming up due to our collective actions and inaction.

Like many of us, I’m busy with life and its responsibilities and I often feel overwhelmed by the scale of the climate issues we are facing. But I am truly grateful and inspired by the many young people standing up for the future, theirs and ours. Attending a rally shows solidarity and support for the next generation and for the many already suffering around the world from climate emergencies. We are all part of a system that relies heavily on fossil fuels and I recognize my own livelihood as a traveling musician gives me no high horse to sit on. But as we know, many of the solutions are already here and much of what stands in the way is resistance from large corporations (and the governments that support and subsidize them) who often prioritize enormous profit over the health of the planet. We have to continue to send the message to those in power that the climate crisis cannot be ignored any longer and that rapid systemic change and a transition to renewables is needed. I’d encourage everyone to check out the vision that’s building behind the Green New Deal, both here in Canada and in the United States.

Here’s to hope for a greener future and to all the folks who can make it out to the strikes on Friday. Lastly- here’s a link to where the strikes are taking place.

Thanks for reading.

Joel Plaskett