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TUNE IN: Acoustic Live Stream Show


In a series of three online shows this fall, Joel will perform the songs from albums 1, 2, and 3 of his Juno award-winning “Three”.

To reinterpret the records in a solo context, the Three shows will be live stream presentations with a unique touch –  mixing studio performances and live engagement. On November 14, viewers can watch 1 of Three with Joel as he rolls on songs recorded live at his studio, New Scotland Yard.

When Joel released a triple record In 2009, it was a bold move that was met with critical acclaim. Eleven years later, in 2020, Joel revisited his numbers fixation with even more ambition, releasing the quadruple album box set “44”, garnering yet another nomination on the Polaris long list.  

With touring for 44 being shimmied to fall 2021, Joel decided he’d look back a little, while waiting out this pandemic. “It’s been interesting going back to these songs from Three and realizing there are a few I play at every show and actually a couple I haven’t played since I recorded them. While I miss the stage very much and can’t wait to tour 44, I’m looking forward to beaming these older songs out across the internet for folks this fall.”

Show Schedule:

1 of Three        Saturday November 14 @ 8:00PM EST
2 of Three        Saturday December 5 @ 8:00PM EST
3 of Three        Sunday December 27 @ 8:00PM EST

Fans of Three can purchase a series ticket for all Three shows for $33 until November 14. Show tickets can also be purchased separately for $15 each. Tickets available at: