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Tuck, Nile, Marsh, Poltz, England, Ireland and Plaskett

Hey Folks,
There sure is some great music being made in our town amidst all the racket of our beautiful heritage buildings being demolished. Nice to get pointed in the right direction on the web.

Cases in point you should be made aware of:

1) This great CBC podcast “In Appreciation of Al Tuck” where myself and other Canadian musicians and songwriters sing the praises of Al’s incredible talent.

2) This rocking show by the mighty American, Willie Nile, backed by a killer band including Dave Marsh and Chris Pennell of Emergency fame. Recorded live at the classy Carleton in Halifax during the 1st Annual Halifax Urban Folk Festival (HUFF). Becky loved it. I was in England. Luckily I could download it here.

3) Speaking of the Talented David Marsh and his True Love Rules. Here is another great Carleton show. A songwriters circle featuring Dave, Jay Smith and Steven McDougall. Wish I’d been there.

4) Steve Poltz – an extremely entertaining live performer and songwriter returns to the Carleton Nov 14 and 15.

I was involved in the production of both Dave’s and Steve latest albums and they are available on New Scotland Records here.

I’m heading to England this weekend for my fourth trip of the year. I’ll be recording a session with legendary UK DJ, Bob Harris, former host of the Old Grey Whistle Test, the greatest live music show of all time. I’m really excited about this session and it will be broadcast on Nov 21st. If you’d like to listen you can click here. I’m also playing four shows in Ireland and then back to London for a headline show at the Luminaire. On this trip my father, Bill, will be accompanying me and we fully intend to shatter some British and Irish minds with only our acoustic guitars. Lots of new songs in my lanky frame slowly making there way out into the world and I look forward to reconvening with the Emergency at the Scotland Yard when I get home. Hey travelers, please leave row #36 free so I can sleep on the redeye flight.
Here’s a picture of me at Graceland.
– Joel

getting schooled

getting schooled