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Touring Emergency!

It’s starting to look like “No sleep ’til Toronto” for the Joel Plaskett Emergency… The band is heading out this week to tackle a bunch of dates in America opening for pals The Tragically Hip – with Joel flying back to Halifax the day after the Dallas show to play a solo show at St. Matthew’s Church for this year’s Halifax Pop Explosion (October 20th) – then into Ontario for a bunch of dates, culminating in a week of shows at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern to commemorate its 60th anniversary… Not bad at all really…

Drummer Dave Marsh is hunkered down with Joel as we write, putting the finishing touches on his solo album. Can’t tell you much more about that at the moment except to say it’s sounding fantastic at this stage of the game!

There is also a rumour that Joel may be heading back (solo) to Australia in the early new year. Now if only we could figure out a way to tag along on that one… Hmmm…

Please note that Emergency shows are tending towards the “sold out” these days, so check the “shows” section on the site for details and pick your tickets up sooner, rather than later – please.

If you know any Americans in the cities on the Hip tour, give them the heads up. Wouldn’t want our cousins south of the border to miss out on a great night of good old, Canadian rock and roll.