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'Tis the Awards Season…apparently

Visons of sugarplums not withstanding, it appears it’s also the season for awards nominations and, although Joel and the Emergency are no longer strangers to this sort of thing, it’s still nice to get them even though no one is really, truly, concerned about winning the hardware. So, we thought we’d let everyone know that the following has come to our attention…

CBC Radio 3 has a brand-spanking-new set of awards to be known as The Bucky and Joel Plaskett Emergency has been nominated in three categories:

Best Lyric – “Let’s get wrecked on Rolling Rock and stroll down to the sea” from Nowhere With You

Most Likely Future Classic – Nowhere With You

Best Road Trip Song – Nowhere With You

These awards are determined by fan votes so if you’re moved to that sort of thing, you can cast your votes by going to and register your choices. Apparently you can vote as often as you want and you don’t even have to register your email address first to do it…

This “contest” closes on December 15th so I guess if you want to participate, you should get on it!

We’ve also just gotten word that we’ve garnered some 2007 East Coast Music Awards nominations too. You don’t get to vote on these but I thought I’d let you know what they are anyway…

Single of the Year – Nowhere With You – Joel Plaskett Emergency

SOCAN Songwriter of the Year – Joel Plaskett for Nowhere With You (performed by Joel Plaskett Emergency)

DVD of the Year – Make a Little Noise – Joel Plaskett Emergency

I should also let you know that – because it’s my job – I’m closely monitoring ticket sales for the Emergency’s New Year’s weekend shows at the Marquee Club in Halifax (all ages December 30th & New Year’s Eve show on, well, New Year’s Eve) with The Golden Dogs and they are starting to seriously move. My last post predicted selling out on, or near, December 21st and I’m sticking with that forecast. Seriously, if you’re planning on going, you should quickly beat a path to any of the ticket retail outlets – Sam’s Barrington, Music Stop (Dartmouth, Halifax or Bedford) and Frozen Ocean (Barrington or Argyle) or on-line at

I will not be responding to the usual glut of last-minute phone calls bemoaning the fact that “somehow I forgot to get tickets” or the ever-popular, “but my friends gave me money to pick them up and I forgot and they’re going to kill me, can you please help me out!” or any variation on that theme. It’s not that I don’t feel your pain, it’s that I’m immune to it, hahaha…

So, have a lovely shopping season… Oh, we’re hearing that things are going very well at Phase One studios in Toronto with producer Gordie Johnson and you’ll be able to look forward to new Emergency music sometime in the spring of 2007, just so you know…