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Tim he had a way of reeling people in
In a crowded bar it was just you and Tim

Tim he knew the drill
He’d been around the block
With his bass guitar he’d rock

He had this calling card that Charles & Andrew printed up
“Let God sort ’em out”
That’s what it said
Let Tim fill up your cup

Tim he moved away
Trying to keep the country cool
Toronto needed work
He took that town to school
(It was a form of public service)

It was there he met his love
A gal he’d known for years
When she said his name
Tim, he was all ears

He was not as tall
As our other Tim
Miniature, not small
Chuck, he nicknamed him

When Tim was holding court
He wasn’t quick to judge
He knew we’d make mistakes
Everybody does

We’d talk about baseball
Jim Thompson and Revolution Rock
We’d talk about anything at all
Man, we would talk
But sometimes when he spoke
He was just blowing smoke
And that was alright

Tim was in a band
We used to share a space
When my patch cords went missing
I’d find them in his case

Then somebody stole his bass
Out the back of the Marquee
If that prick is playing gigs
He’d better play for free
Play for free
Play for free

Tim, he gave a shit
Except when he did not
He called it like he saw it
And damn, he saw a lot

Oh we miss you Tim
Yeah, we miss you Tim
Hey brother, I’m with him
I’m hanging here with Tim

Oh we miss you Tim
Yeah, we miss you Tim
Babe, leave on a light
I’ll be home late tonight
I’m catching up with Tim

I’d meet him at the Swan
Every time I’d hit The Smoke
Now both of them are gone
This ain’t a funny joke

Oh we miss you Tim
Yeah, we miss you Tim
Tim, Tim
Tim, Tim

A rock & roll heart parts the clouds, lights the dark
carving a path, it’s ragged, but right you are
From the sweet mess of youth to the old Double Deuce
Where the Angels would sit most nights at the bar
The cut got the press but you’d rather see the scar
A smoke or a drink never far out of hand
Forget the lead singer let’s talk ‘bout the band

Nowhere to go but up
So we’ll start in the pub and end in the clouds
And to call you a friend makes me proud