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Thrush Hermit Cross-Country Tour

Hello Everybody,

We are about to fire up the motor to get ready for our Thrush Hermit cross Canada reunion tour where we revisit our album, Clayton Park, that we released 20 years ago. Dusting off our eight-foot neon Rock and Roll sign, inquiring whether gongs can be rented (let’s hope so!) and restringing the Gibson SG and RD. For purists concerned our performance won’t feel era correct, please note that Ian’s bass still only has three strings and the burn marks from where he used to blow fireballs off the headstock (likely not in the cards due to honoring fire regulations – but mystical phantom fireballs could appear to a select few sensitive people).

This is going to be a blast.

Grab your tickets HERE!


Thrush Hermit Band Drummer

Thrush Hermit Band