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Shine On, Shine On, Shine On

I set my sails for the New South Wales
Trying to get ahead of the sun
The day I left for the New South Wales
You said, “Babe, don’t forget where you’re from.”

Wading in the water on the Scarborough Beach
Taking pictures of my feet in the sand
I should be writing you a letter from the Scarborough beach
Saying, “Babe, you won’t believe where I am.”

Stopping on the highway at the side of the road
Staring at a whole new set of stars
I go where I go and I do what I’m told
But it’s easy to forget who you are

Oh, you read my mind
Your beauty can leave me blind
The truth can be cruel and so unkind
But I can’t lie to you
Sometimes I get so blue
I don’t want anything to do with myself

I set my sights on my front porch light
Trying to shake this feeling that took hold
Dreaming that you’re leaving on the front porch light
Maybe turning lead into gold
Singing, “Shine on, shine on, shine on traveling light”
Sing a song, sing it for all the right reasons tonight