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Safe In Your Arms

When we set out on the road
I said, “Boys, we’re heading west
We will walk under this sun until it sets”
We had the best intentions
And the road was straight and true
We promised that we’d follow it to you

With our shadows growing longer
We picked up our pace
Knowing if we rested, we would rust
As the cold crept up our backs
Under the last remaining rays
We never stopped to think who we could trust

And when the night came to the highway
The horizon turned black from blue
Oh, Mother Nature, where are you going?
Can we go too?
We’re longing to be safe
Safe in your arms
Can we be safe in your arms again?

We poisoned all the ghosts
We poisoned all the rivers
We burned away the last light of the day
When we finally hit the coast
We had nothing to deliver
And there was nothing there that we could take away

Where would we be without you?
How will we make it through?
Follow Mother Nature, wherever she’s going
You must go too
She’s longing to be safe
Safe in your arms
Can she be safe in your arms again?