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Drifters Raus

Get outta town
Get outta town
Get outta town
Get out now!

Get outta town, get outta town
This town’s sick of me hanging around
I drifted through my life, I drifted through town
But when I left this wife, this was the road that I found
All of my life, everyday
Alone on the road, I don’t know my way
I just stay, make a mess, I never clean up
‘Cause I’m moving on, alone on the road

Drifters raus, get out of the house
When they start to shout, I know to raus
Drifters raus, get outta the house
Get outta the house

I was stopped by the Mounties in the very next county
They knew nothing about me, so they chose to doubt me
A vagrancy charge would make my life really hard
So to stay out of jail, I took this job
So I worked on a farm for six months or more
I worked in the dust and I worked in the storms
Tripped over a lantern late one night in the barn
Couldn’t pump enough water to save that old man’s farm

I don’t wipe my feet and I never unpack
When I’m leaving here, I’m never coming back
I never count the cheques that I bounce
By the time that they’re found, I’m headed south
To the next little town, where I throw it down
Have it my way or I hit the highway
‘Cause I got a name and I got a song
And I couldn’t care if I’m playing it wrong

I told my horse to whoa but they said Drifters raus