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The Scrappy Happiness Video Contest is wrapped!

First off, BIG congratulations to longtime super fan Eddie Orso from Toronto, Ontario!

Eddie submitted his music video for “North Star” and won with 1,119 votes as of July 15 at midnight AST, which means I will travel to Toronto to play a concert for Eddie and 25 of his friends and family.

You can watch Eddie’s awesome music video here. Eddie’s testimonial on why he had to win is also great: (Eddie – send a picture of where I’ll be playing so we can post it on the site)

I’m truly blown away by the time, energy and talent put into all the videos in the contest. Trying to pick a few videos for honourable mention was like trying to pick my top 5 Zeppelin songs. Close to impossible because there are so many great ones.

Having said that, here are 5 that really jumped out right away. I think I’m partial to animation and drawings 🙂

Somewhere Else – by Sam Hall and Jocelyn Spence

Tough Love – directed by Andrew Bundas

Lightning Bolt – drawn by Nicolas Friesen

Tough Love – starring the rocking kids

Lightning Bolt – drawn by Catie Doucette

The director/creators of these five videos will receive a complete autographed JP discography on CD or vinyl. Everyone else who entered the contest will be receiving an autographed CD of Scrappy Happiness in the mail soon as a token of appreciation.

We’ll be creating a special page on the website for all the videos so please leave them up on YouTube so they rock online for years to come.

Once again, thanks for the great videos, and most importantly, for digging the music.

Scrappy happiness indeed.

Joel Plaskett

PS: That Roller Derby team was awesome too.
PSS: So was the number of people dancing and rocking out.
PSSS: and the painted faces, singing kids and life sized cut outs.

I could rattle on for days….