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Somebody Turn On The Lights…

As beautiful as the weather has been (at least on the East Coast) I suppose it’s time to think about – gulp – Christmas. To that end, the city of Toronto has a really nice family thing at Nathan Phillip’s Square where they light the big festive tree and give the citizens a fun night out…

What a sweet way to thank the tax-payers, with the added benefit of providing some fab entertainment.

And we’d like to thank the powers-that-be in Toronto for inviting the Joel Plaskett Emergency to be part of this hugely fun event…

That’s right, the JPE will be kicking off The Cavalcade of Lights at Toronto’s City Hall on Saturday, November 25th. So, if you and/or your family is at loose ends that evening, get downtown. Joel and the lads will be onstage for a fairly brief – but mighty – three song set just after 7 PM. It’s free. Hmmmm, that kind of reminds me of a lyric… “I’m so cheap, I might as well be free…”

Oh, I believe that lyric is from the excellent Emergency tune, “Nowhere With You.” Holy smokes, it also occurs to me that that song has been on the radio… I dare to say it was a hit. The kids will dig it. Why don’t you come down to the show? Fun.

Another reminder that there are shows this week in Southern Ontario and you can check the “Shows” tab for more info. HINT: Waterloo, London, Toronto, Hamilton… Cheap, but not free, in most cases!

Tickets now on sale for the Emergency dates in Halifax on New Year’s Eve weekend… Be there or be proverbially square.