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Skinner’s Pond & The Granville Green

What a fun weekend! On Saturday, Dad and I played The Stompin Tom Centre in Skinner’s Pond, PEI. My foot is sore but I had to honour the fine print in the contract. A great crowd made for a great night in a beautiful part of the island we had never been before.

Yesterday I met up with the Emergency in Port Hawkesbury for a return to the Granville Green. An epic evening, and as Dave succinctly put it, “one for the bass drum”. Once in a blue moon a show gets added to the list on bass drum head and when 30 kids swarm the stage to dance it is time to get out the permanent marker.

Devon, who was taking care of our monitors while making sure nothing fell over somehow managed to snap a few great pics of us about to hit the last chord of Nowhere With You.

Thank you Port Hawkesbury for another magical summer night.