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RTE Performance and more…

Hey Folks,
Here is an interview and couple tunes live on RTE1 in Dublin Ireland with host Myles Dungan. It was May 6th and we had just arrived on the 7 am ferry after 40 hours of travel and Peter and I went straight to the radio station to perform. On Rollin Rollin Rollin we were in “the zone” and quite possibly had something to prove.

I think I started to stray/sway a little from exhaustion by the time we played Deny but in spirit of full disclosure I’ve included it here.

Thanks to producer Aidan Butler for having us on the show and Dave Gibson the audio engineer.

On another note- go check out Steve Poltz at Betty’s in Toronto tonight (Friday May 28) and at the Blacksheep in on Sunday May 30st.
Steve’s Dreamhouse record is out on New Scotland records and his live show is incredible. One of the most entertaining and fearless performers I’ve ever witnessed and getting to produce his record was a lot of fun.

I’m off to Toronto tomorrow to work with Sarah Slean on some tracks for her next record. Also on the horizon later in June: some more recordings with my friend Ben Gunning, my father Bill, mixing the tracks I did with Jeremy Fisher, and last but not definitely not least, the Emergency reconvenes for some rock and roll at the Scotland Yard and on the stage in Summerside, PEI on June 26 and Canada Day, July 1st at Alderney Landing in Dartmouth, NS. I’m itching to play some electric guitar again.

After that back to the UK for some acoustic shows in support of the UK release of Three to One, a single disc version of my epic, so as not to scare off the European newbies. Rub a dub Dublin I’m undone in London down the hallway in Galway I was frightened in Brighton by the pistol from Bristol. I could rhyme the day away but I’ve got to go replace the fan in my tape machine… to stop the quiet riot. Holy smokes, the yard looked different when I got home last week.

Wear my walkmen, off and running.
Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings
Guess Who’s coming here for supper
Johnny Burnette, Sir Charles Tupper
The future past stops making sense
Lucky Strikin’ in the present tense