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R2 Magazine Reviews Three

Joel Plaskett may be some way short of being a household name in the UK but in his native Canada he’s a minor deity. His entire back catalogue is imbed with the bite and hook of the best AM rock, most notably the superb Ashtray Rock and its anthemic centrepiece ‘Drunk Teenagers’. Last year, Plaskett released the epic triple album Threes. However, for every double (or triple) album, there are those who quibble that better editing would have produced a fantastic single album. Here, PLaskett stays ahead of the grumbling by distilling Threes down to a more manageable single disc titled Three To One.

To Plaskett’s credit, there are no bonus tracks or remixes to entice fans into shelling out again for the single disc. The adjusted running order also benefits from hindsight, pushing the fantastic ‘Deny, Deny, Deny’ front and centre. With its acoustic guitar, sprightly fiddle and call-and-answer harmonies, it’s as infectious as a song can get. ‘Through & Through& Through’ and ‘you Let Me Down’ keep up the momentum before settling down into the tender ‘Rewind, Rewind, Rewind’; of the quieter moments it’s only rivalled by the downright lovely ‘One Look’. In three words: brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

by Mark Grassick