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Il Popolo Del Blues

Already a leader of the Emergency, Joel Plaskett is a talented and eclectic Canadian singer / songwriter, who is musical tornado to hit the headlines for having published the ambitious Three, who put in hard line twenty-seven tracks divided into three discs, which also earned him the ‘ attention of Paul McCartney who wanted operner as in concerts. The disc unfortunately except for a good success overseas has not been a big attraction in Europe, perhaps because of the excessive length, and that’s why Plaskett decided to publish a redux version, which summarizes some ‘spirit that animated the whole the operation, although the three disks were quite different from each other. In fact his style converge diverse musical influences ranging from Tom Petty to touch the Alternative country folk rock and some religious groups of the eighties as Waterboys, the Curci and Lloyd Cole.Listening, however, gives the idea of how much passion and dedication is behind this project and above lets you see all the talent in being able to extricate Plaskett with great class of folk-rock tracks such as the initial Deny, Deny, Deny, rock songsas the overwhelming Through And Through And Through, or forays into glam rock of Run Run Run, all’incursione up in roots rock with Sailor’s Eyes. Through the thirteen tracks are selected for Three To One discovers one of the best hidden treasures of the Canadian music scene, a cult artist, whose songwriting deserves serious attention and this irrespective of the premiums collected in his homeland, including the title of Best Male Artist and was nominated for a prestigious Juno Award. The real shame is that the European market has completely ignored it, compared to a project so articulate and interesting as Three. This release may redux will convey the songs easier to play, but certainly not enough to condense all of his work.

by Salvatore Esposito