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Radio, radio, radio

OK, we may have jumped the gun on the Triple J thing in Australia. They have played Nowhere With You but we’re not at liberty to say it’s been added to the playlist yet. Fair distinction – and we’ll keep our fingers crossed – and that in no way suggests you shouldn’t listen to this station. You should. It’s killer!

In Canada, Fashionable People has just been sent to what they call “Hot AC” stations – the same ones that played Nowhere With You last year – so feel free to request away to hear it in the place you live. Until the album comes out on April 17th, it’s your best bet for a preview and, let’s face it, it’s cool hearing stuff on the radio.

Oh, I should also let you know that Ashtray Rock will be available on vinyl too. It will come with a bonus 45 rpm in the sleeve… that will mean an extra track for those slow on the uptake…