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Producer Credits

Joel Plaskett has been producing his own award-winning records since 1999. He applied his producer skills to one of his favourite young band’s debut recording, Two Hours Traffic, and went on to produce another two records for the group, including their Polaris Music Prize short-listed Little Jabs. Since then, Joel has spent more and more time producing other artists, including David Myles’ award-winning album Turn Time Off, Sarah Slean’s Land off her critically-acclaimed Land & Sea release, an EP with Old Man Luedecke titled I Never Sang Before I Met You, newcomer Mo Kenney’s internationally acclaimed debut self-titled record, as well as her multiple award-winning sophomore release In My Dreams, and James Hill’s 2015 Juno Nominated CD/LP The Old Silo.
From 2009 to 2012, Joel produced and released a limited edition of 12, 7” vinyl single series featuring artists Peter Elkas, Ana Egge, Jeremy Fisher, Yellow Jacket Avenger, Tyler Messick, Matthew Grimson, Myles Deck & The Fuzz, Ben Gunning, and Shotgun Jimmie. In addition to his multiple award wins for his self-produced recordings, Joel won Producer of the Year at the 2009 Canadian Folk Music Awards, 2014 and 2015 Music Nova Scotia Awards, and the 2015 and 2016 ECMAs.

Producer credits:

2018 Dennis Ellsworth Things Changed
2017 Mo Kenney The Details (CD)
2015 The Brood “Birthday” (single)
2015 The Brood “Deranged Love” (single)
2015 Sean McCann “Last Song” (single)
2014 Mo Kenney In My Dreams (CD)* 2016 JUNO Nominee
2014 James Hill The Old Silo (CD/LP)* 2015 JUNO Nominee
2014 Dave Gunning “A Game Goin’ On” (single)
2014 Old Man Luedecke I Never Sang Before I Met You (EP)
2014 Sean McCann “Help Yourself” (single)
2013 Colleen Brown “Lead Me On” (single)
2013 Gloryhound “Let You Down Again” (single)
2013 Meredith Shaw Trouble (EP)
2012 Mo Kenney Mo Kenney (CD)
2011 Sarah Slean Land (of Land & Sea CD/LP)
2010 David Myles Turn Time Off (CD)
2010 Steve Poltz Dreamhouse (LP/CD)
2010 Dave Marsh The True Love Rules (CD)
2009 Two Hours Traffic Territory (CD)
2007 Two Hours Traffic Little Jobs (CD)
2006 Two Hours Traffic Two Hours Traffic (CD)


2017 Solidarity by Bill and Joel Plaskett
2015 The Park Avenue Sobriety Test *2016 JUNO Nominee
2012 Scrappy Happiness
2009 Three
2005 La De Da
2003 Truthfully, Truthfully
2001 Down at The Khyber
1999 In Need Of Medical Attention

Vinyl singles produced:

Mo Kenney “Eden” b/w “The Great Escape”
Joel Plaskett/Jeremy Fisher “When You Come Around” b/w “Paper Crowns”
Joel Plaskett/Shotgun Jimmie “Jimmie’s Still Jimmie” b/w “That’s Not Joel”
Ben Gunning “Destructive” b/w “High Road”
Myles Deck & The Fuzz “Police Cops”, “Ayatollah” b/w “Boom! Boom!”
David Myles “Out of Love” b/w “Wrong So Wrong”
Matthew Grimson “Matthew Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” b/w “For A Song”
Joel Plaskett Three More
Tyler Messick “Half Lit Through the Leaves” b/w “The Scotsman”
Ana Egge “Storm Comin'” b/w “Farmer’s Daughter”
Yellow Jacket Avenger “Becoming a Silhouette” b/w “Holding Ghosts”
Peter Elkas “Poor Young Things” b/w “Repeat Offender”

Vinyl singles can be ordered on

The New Scotland Yard is Plaskett’s studio, read about it here.