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Getting warm, getting warmer
Getting closer to the answer
I was working on my grammer
I was driving in my Chevy

It was fast, but not the fastest
I was listening to Cactus
Man you really gotta practice
If you wanna get that heavy

She was there, on the highway
And her eyes said, “Going my way?”
And I loved her in an instant
Like a Zildjian cymbal crashes

Getting high and getting higher
Was it smoke or true desire?
Did we start that forest fire?
As we flicked away the ashes

Headlights flash in the passing lane
Trying to fill the tank with a little loose change
Staring at the sky wondering where you are
The North Star

Old men dream of nights like these
Pine trees swaying in the clear cool breeze
Looking at your life from a moving car
The North Star

It got dark, it got darker
I got high on a permanent marker
Man, I felt like Peter Parker
And my spidey sense was tingling

I fell apart, at the party
Drinking red wine and Bacardi
My constitution ain’t that hardy
And I’m not much good at mingling

The wind blew, yeah, it was blowing
And I said “Baby, now where we going?”
A rooster started crowing
And the sun was coming up

And the dawn, it was brilliant
We’re were listening to Marillion
I screamed rock and roll’s resilient
Then I started throwing up

Good times flash in the memory lane
Every second band’s got an animal name
Loading our your gear from an empty bar
The North Star
Young men dream of nights like this
The clamour of the glamour or whatever it is
Looking in the mirror wondering who you are
The North Star

Me and her we were meandering
I was spinning round her curves

I was blind, cause she was blinding
While the mix tape was rewinding
I was busy stone cold rhyming
I was getting on her nerves

Then she spoke, so she was speaking
Said, “I’m the someone you’ve been seeking “
The odometer was freaking
We was driving my Chevy

Half a mil, half a million
We were listening to Neil Young
Man, you gotta shoot to kill em
If you wanna get that heavy

Love rattles on like a tambourine
Every red light’s gonna turn to green
Lightning bolt from the sky could fly
I’m not gonna say goodbye