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Muir Murray Winery Show

Hey Folks,
I wanted to write a quick note to address the unfortunate confusion that ensued at the Muir Murray Winery gig in Wolfville on Thursday night. I’d like to personally apologize to the woman who was knocked out of her chair by the dancer who tipped over. The dancing and partying would have been fine at show that was set up for it but the fact that there wasn’t seats for everyone created a problem. Those who come to sit and listen and those who like to dance can often happily co-exist in certain venues. This wasn’t one of those venues. Where were the security at this point when things were getting messy? I wish I knew! I want everyone in the audience to have a good time when they attend my shows but it’s hard for me to perform well when I’m worried that people aren’t enjoying themselves because they can’t see or hear the music, or even worse, they fear getting knocked over. I’ll be taking more precautions in the future to make sure my acoustic shows are presented properly and Emergency rock and roll gigs are presented properly. I’m hoping the promoters and the winery will use that show as a lesson on how to improve the venue and to organize a show more effectively so EVERYONE can have a good time.
– Joel