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News of Your Son

I’m sorry, father, I didn’t want to be the one
To tell you about the news of your son
He was a failure second to none
And that’s not all
And that’s not all

It’s true he never worked a day in his life
When he lifted a finger it was to turn out the light
Don’t rely on him to pass on what’s wrong and right
When you’re gone
When you’re gone

He never had a head for figures and numbers
He never had a heart for love and for letters
He was never too swift with his words or his hands
You know he never meant to place those kinds of demands
On you
On you

When you broke your leg he took the crutch
But lately he don’t remember it all that much
He just thinks about lying in the frozen grass
His body cold and wet down by the overpass
You know he never meant to come across so fucking crass
But love is like that
Love’s like that
Sure it is