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Thruth Be Told

If the truth be told, you were in the bedroom
Trying to find a pillow with a little more headroom
Trying to find a place where nobody could find you again

If the truth be told, I was on the porch (Porsche?)
Trying to fight a fire with a propane torch
Thinking about the colour of the leaves before they fall in the fall

If the truth be told, when things got weird
All my friends told me I should grow a beard
“And if you can’t do that, don’t quit your day job”

If the truth be told he was outta line
Trying to steal your heart before you stole mine
Trying to make a mountain from a molehill

If the truth be told, knock knock, who is it?
Ships going down, do you wanna go with it?
Either way I’m splitting town as soon as possible

Wanna know the truth?
I was thinking bout ships
In the Halifax Harbour
Before they blew the city to bits
In 1917

Truth be told, while you were getting drunk
I was trying on clothes from your mothball truck
Trying to figure out what it feels like to step inside your shoes

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