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Lying On A Beach

Somebody introduced me to a member of the club
I think that they confused me with some other rub-a-dub-a-dub
Now I work on the 5ht floor where nothing is my fault
I take advice like margaritas, with a heavy grain of salt
I always wake up in the night, wondering if I’m doing it right
And if I had my way I’d be getting on this flight tonight
And in the morning I’d be

Lying on a beach in the sun
Lying to my family and friends
Telling them that I have begun
Trying to find a means to an end
Lying on a beach in the sun
Lying just to cover my ass
Lying in the sun on the beach
Burning like the girls and the grass

I should be working on my manners but I’m working on my website
Tanning up my topside, under artificial sunlight
Staring at the computer screen, feeling so alone and obscene
Getting restless, getting randy, getting mean

Lying on a beach in the sun
Looking for a little romance
The temperature’s 101
Everybody take off your pants
Lying on a beach in the sun
Trying to figure out what to do
Lying in the sun on a beach
I realized I don’t have a clue

I’m full of hocus pocus and I’m slower than molasses
Coming in and out of focus like a magic pair of glasses
I go down to the staffroom at lunchtime
I’m like joke where there’s never a punch line
And if you step on my toes I blow up just like a landmine
Give me a raise and I’ll be

Lying on a beach in the sun
Nobody but my money and me
Is this your definition of fun?
I’m bored it’s only twenty past three
McGetts: “You should go for a swim”
I’ll still be clinging to the company line
There are sharks out there (I think I saw a fin)
Or maybe I’m just losing my mind

Somebody take a memo, we’re al on automatic
Wanna get it back together? We’re gonna need a little static
Somebody check my pulse or slap me in the face
Show me what I’m made of and get me out of this place
It’s like a weird technological dream
Watching buddies turn into machines
We never get our hands dirty, but paradise is never this clean

Lying on a beach in the sun
Don’t wanna get burned to a crisp
You want something to remember me by
You can save it on a floppy disc
So long, farewell
You can kiss my ass goodbye
If I don’t jump ship right now
I’ll never figure out how to fly

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