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Just Because (For Gord Downie)

“It takes all kinds”, said Martin Sheen
To Warren Oates on silver screen
I do believe that he was right
I took all kinds of things tonight

I do what I do just because
Under Her Thumb
Overpowered by Love

You’d walk the earth to find a hit
And then you’d walk away from it
Because all shadows on the stage
Are why the lighting techs get paid
The reasons why we love you still
Lie in the space you didn’t fill

You do what you do just because
Out of this world
Overpowered by Love

I read a book when I was young
Then opened up another one
The second book said to the first,
“I know your story, mine is worse”
I skipped ahead to read the end
I never read a book again

I do what I do just because
Out of the Past
Overpowered by Love

I ran a fever for a week
She spoke to me, I couldn’t speak
I dreamed the glamour and the glitz
My fervour reached a fever pitch
She disappeared, I finally spoke
Was then my fever kindly broke

Nothing appeared as it was
Under Her Thumb
Overpowered by Love

I had this motor in a van
It ran and ran and ran and ran
One day in June it kicked the bucket
Started up, then thought, “Fuck it”
I had this motor in a Chevy
It got tired, things got heavy

Nothing remains as it was
Spinning our wheels
Overpowered by Fuzz

Whitehearts on a silver chain
Dragonflies to ease your pain
If you find it hard to choose
Take a couple Russian Blues

Bad news takes all shapes and forms
Prime ministers & college dorms
The bad news is this life is fleeting
The good news is we’ve reserved seating
I heard the news that you’d be going
I read it on my mobile phone

“Just Because” we play it slow
Doesn’t make it sad you know
Somewhere someone’s line is ringing
Lean on in, go down swinging

So much to say, so little time
I’m working hard to clear my mind
I’ll leave you with one final thought
Oh forget it… I forgot…

…Wait, it’s coming back to me
Gord, you rock Eternally

“Courage”, you say, “we ain’t done yet”
Let’s see how heavy things can get…

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