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Keep the tape rolling
Keep the tape rolling, Tom
The day’s almost over and everyone’s gone
Where did they go?
Is this actually on?

Is anybody taking minutes?
Can I call a witness?
Did they see my heart on the hit list?
I was lost in my head
Waves were crashing the banks
From an empty account I was withdrawing blanks
Getting marked like a paper
And wondering what for
For just opening up or for closing the door?
Trying fill up a suitcase with some sad souvenirs
Thinking, “Never , never, never in a million years”

Keep the tape rolling, keep the tape rolling on
Here’s one more in F before I flip the switch
To melt the universe, brothers
Swing hard, here’s the pitch

As the new moon erases these dead winter blues
There are rocks in my pockets, breaks in my laces
And holes in my shoes
A heart full of memories 15-88s
A head full of numbers and places and dates
I’m waiting in line as they unlock the gates

Thinking, “Maybe, maybe I should I leave it here?
No, never, never, never in a million years”

Keep the tape rolling
Keep the tape rolling on
Bet 11 on 7 at 20 to 1
Then dust off the needle and watch ‘em get spun
I can’t find the chorus
Is this a song?
Where’s Hollis & Morris?
Is this actually on?