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Indie88: Joel Plaskett – Collective Art Black Box Session

Joel Plaskett Performs New Song “Credits Roll” Plus His Classic “Love This Town”

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.54.34 PM

For a guy that’s been putting out music for over twenty years, whether it be with his long-time backing band The Emergency or completely solo, Joel Plaskett never seems to run out of great songs to sing and stories to share. His prolific song-writing history just got a bit longer with the release of his new record, “The Park Avenue Sobriety Test”. Neither an “Emergency” album nor a true solo project, in Joel’s own words the new record is kind of like “a greatest hits of all new songs.”

“It’s everything at once. The Emergency is on it but it was a bigger band than the Emergency. And I knew I wanted to do some stuff myself too, some of the songs have me playing drums and instrumentation. But a lot of it, when the full band was there, was cut live off the floor including the vocals – which was really fun and satisfying, I’d never done a record that way.”

The album features old friends and bandmates like Ian McGettigan, Tim Brennan, Mo Kenney, and Peter Elkas to name a few. “In some ways there is a retrospective element,” explains Joel, “there were all these people from the past, and then I think the songs touch down on places on my old records. There’s stuff that could have been on any of my records.”

Joel visited the Collective Arts Black Box to perform “Credits Roll” from the new record, as well as an old favourite from his 2005 album La De Da, “Love This Town”:

Fun fact: Joel Plaskett was also the first guest to ever visit Indie88. Here’s us picking him up from his hotel:

by Dave Kennedy, Indie88