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I'm Yours – Lyrics

Met you by the third floor window
I was acting like a high school flirt
You were putting on my make up
I was looking down your shirt

You told me that you had a boyfriend
Didn’t stop from thinking thoughts
Listening to the French Inhaling
Connecting all the pretty dots

Wondering where the hell you came from
Dancing on the hardwood floors
I’m yours

Striking up a love long distance
Striking up a killer band
Never thinking about my own existence
Never questioning the love I had
Trying hard to pull you closer
Trying to turn the east to west
Hanging from the clouds, hanging from the ceiling
Buttoning a corduroy vest

Wondering where the hell you came from
Stepping through your parlour doors
I’m yours

Don’t matter who you know
don’t matter what you do
I belong to you
Anywhere you go
I’ll be going to
I belong to you