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Hey Party People

Just slowing down for 10 seconds after an intense week preparing for the
show with the symphony. The show was a lot of fun and everyone rose to the
occasion. A cool mix of hardcore fans and symphony subscribers who liked
our cover of Silver Threads and Golden Needles. Was thrilling for me to
have over 40 people rocking my songs. CBC radio will likely broadcast the
show in the next month. Will keep you posted on when.

The Emergency is preparing to record a new record/ rock opera in December.
Songs include Drunk Teenagers, Fashionable People and The Face of the Earth.
The talented Gordie Johnson (of Nowhere With You fame :)) will be producing
again. We hit the road for a few dates in November before we record, so
expect some of the new ones to show their faces. The cool fall air is good
for the soul and it’s nice be able to wear my favorite sweaters and jackets.
Rock and roll survives in any climate. I keep my favorite records in the