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Help Me Somebody Depression Blues

I’m falling down a big black hole
Where the fires are out and the rooms are cold
I don’t know how but I just fell in
And the men down here say you just can’t win

I walked out the door and I looked at the sky
The sun was too bright, the sky was too high
Yesterday was hot, tomorrow will be fair
But today I got depression everywhere

​And the clouds building up in your brain
​And you’re going to drown in your own rain

I looked on a map to see where to go
It said some roads are high and some roads are low
But you can’t reach the high road when you’re feeling so down
Man, the low road is so low it’s under the ground

​And I’ve been on the low road so long,
​I’ve been on this low road too long

I was down in the lowlands, I was stuck in the murk
So I opened up the paper to find me some work
But in the advertising column no job could be found
It must be that depression that’s going around

When I woke up this morning, some blues were in the room
Tried to sweep them out but I couldn’t find my broom
I tried to run away but I couldn’t find my shoes
I’ve got the help me somebody depression blues
Yeah, I’ve got the help me somebody depression blues

​I’m down in the hole, it’s all bad news
​You know I’ve got the help me somebody depression blues