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Blank Cheque

Don’t place my faith in religion or the free market
I’ll park it with the freaks and geeks on the periphery
And Jake who’s down on Portland
He tell me he’s a shaman
I’m inclined to believe him
And now he needs some pocket change

Pay no attention to pimps and the day traders
I’ll spend my evenings making music in my neighborhood
Where stories spin on vinyl
In Dartmouth sales are final
Where we sing of love and sadness
Cause this modern world is madness

Oh honey
You can’t eat money
You can’t buy love
With a big blank cheque
Hey baby
This world’s crazy
It’s gonna take more luck
To save your neck

Don’t waste my morning reading letters to the editors
When the papers that they’re printed in are brought to you by billionaires
Where they barely scratch the surface
My portfolio is worthless
In a world so full of clowns
Man, you still wanna join the circus?

And you can’t get higher
Than the climate change denier
Who sips his gin and tonic
While the world goes microphonic