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Alright/OK (Lyrics)

You can cry wolf or cry me a river
Knock on my door with a message to deliver
Jameson’s whiskey’s hard on the liver
Tell me something I don’t know
I close my eyes, I sleep on a pillow
When someone dies, I weep like a willow
Blow ‘em a kiss and say bye bye, friend
You’re never coming back again

But that’s alright, that’s OK
If you’re still standing that’s the price you pay
When you’re gone you don’t come back
So you roll like a train on a one way track

I lost my way when I lost my love
Couldn’t make sense of the stars above
She’s the little dipper that I’m thinking of
And she’s never coming back again
When she said goodbye the words they came quick
She spit ’em out fast and I felt so sick
Now there ain’t nothing magic in this magic trick
Cause she’s never coming back again

But that’s alright, that’s OK
She never really knew me anyway
She taped her regrets to my microphone stand
Said “You can’t hold the hand of a rock and roll man
For very long”
It’s like ‘The Blonde in the Bleachers’
The Joni Mitchell song is coming out of my speakers
I’m going to the shop for a new pair of sneakers
And then I’m gonna take a walk
Let’s rock!

My sneakers wore out, my guitar broke
Sometimes life puts a stick in your spokes
Everybody thinks that I’m making a joke
But I’m telling it like it is
I’ll be hanging from the branches of my family tree
You know I look like my daddy, Daddy looks like me
Halifax, Nova Scotia is the land of the free
I don’t care what the anthem says

But that’s alright, that’s OK
You’ll be staring at your phone til your hair goes grey
Once in a while it’s bound to ring
Chuck Berry sings “My Ding a Ling a Ling”

I lost my map when I lost my phone
Gotta get on the road, gotta get gone
Ain’t got a clue how to get back home
Guess I’d better ask at the bar
Au revoir


Verse three contains a lyrical quote from
Joni Mitchell’s “Blonde in the Bleachers”