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A Fun Weekend

Hey all,Â

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Alderney Landing show in Dartmouth and the Marystown, NFLD gigs this past weekend.  They were both really really memorable and the band and I had a great time.  Big thanks to Mr. Chill for making it from Windsor, ON to rock the sax and harmonica. Thanks also to Old Man Leudecke who’s banjo tunes got everybody’s hands clapping and Dave Marsh and The True Love Rules, who kicked off the night with scooters and 34 strings at once.  Killer.  Speaking of Emergency drummer, Dave Marsh…his new record, The True Love Rules, produced by myself and Dave is now unleashed on the public.  It will available online at Maplemusic by the end of this week and if you don’t see it in your favorite record store please reprimand them gently and tell them about it.  The songs shimmy and tug on the heart strings.  Check out for more info.  Bruceley on FLickr took a cool photo from Alderney.  Check it.  NFLD we’ll see you soon.


 Alderney Landing