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There’s a place I start
In the corner of my heart
That could take this world apart
And put it back together

And for more than just a night
Can I shake these satellites?
Trade my thoughts for steel guitars
And dim the lights to see the stars

As I fumble through the dark
From the friction comes the spark
To light the flickering flame
Inside the hurricane

Mother Nature run your fingers through my hair
Can you make one last repair?
I have been shaken

Fragile creatures
Lose their way on winding roads
Forever young is getting old
You have mistaken me for somebody else
I am surrounded
You can’t leave this house the way you found it

Don’t get too close to me
You’ll lose the mystery
Best keep some distance, dear
You’re not alone in here

Lights in the Holophane
Worlds just beyond the frame
Twin moons and missing friends
Reflecting in the lens

This world is calling out
Knows what it’s all about
Retrace but don’t retreat
We’re all on Only Street

True love’s got enemies
Tired eyes & memories
The last show of the tour
Through this RCA 44

Here’s to the mystery
Like Eugene and Marie
Like you & me
The road to Cathedral Grove in your Pontiac before I had my own
25 years, winding the curves
Following you, babe, searching for words

In through the open door
Back to ‘94
Up on the third floor
Then into the 2nd act
With a couple cats
In some Victorian shack

Closing my eyes, living to dream
Wondering how I’d never been

To Dreamland, Dreamland
We’re in there
Dreamland, Dreamland
Begin there
On the slow train
Down the fast lane
Through the last pane
Where we meet again
In Dreamland, Dreamland
We’re coming
This motors humming
We put faith in imagination
Now we gotta go play a show with the band
It’s a benefit for
Dreamland, Dreamland
Connect us, connect us
Dreamland, Sandman
Protect us
You’re a soft drug
From a wildflower
Life’s a slow dive
Through the Magic Hour