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Back in April I was privileged to see Canadian rocker Joel Plaskett live in concert at the uh…rustic Theatre Corona in Montreal. His show was opened by a guy called Frank Turner.

Now I’ll be honest, I had never heard of this Frank Turner character before that fateful night, but he was opening for Joel and I will say I am so glad I got to see him perform. He’s a ‘bloke’ from across the pond and he plays songs that Dewey Finn would drool over. He’s got a “down with the man” vibe that is totally infectious and creates some great sing-along moments that would be right at home in an old pub.

I had a chance to connect with a few other concert goers including a guy that came all the way from Germany to see Frank Turner(!) and I found it really surprising that many of them weren’t actually sure of who Joel Plaskett was. Needless to say, there were more than a few converts after the performance Joel gave.

He opened with ‘Tough Love’ off his newly released, Scrappy Happiness. [sic] I will say that I was literally in awe when I heard the lyrics “Cut me to pieces//Apples and oranges//slap me in the face//and tell me that I’m gorgeous”.

The show lasted about 3 hours and was honestly never lacking in anything. Joel’s got this dude called Matthew who is the lighting guy; dude knows how to put on a light show! I can’t not mention the crazy strobe action during Lightning Bolt!

All in all Joel put out an amazing performance and showed off his versatility and that of The Emergency. There were 3 distinct “sets” but it almost seemed like 3 separate shows as they went from all three members on stage to a Joel-only acoustic set (which included an awesome version of Nowhere With You from the Make A Little Noise EP) and then back to The Emergency on stage which included an incredible jam-session-like experience with what seemed like a 15 minute version of Work Out Fine.

Joel’s Presley like stage presence combined with his knack for storytelling and insane musical ability made for an unforgettable evening. I would highly recommend checking out Joel’s website and getting some tickets to a show near you!