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Heartless, Heartless, Heartless

Heartless, heartless, heartless
Where’d you hide your heart?
In the dark, the darkest darkness
I’m coming apart
In the dark
This is how it feels
To be under your thumb
To be under your wheels

Lover, lover, lover
Where’d you leave your love?
In the bed, beneath the covers?
Where push will come to shove
I will leave
And will not return
I will make my mistakes
And from them I’ll learn

Steady, steady, steady
Slipping through the night
Are you red or are you ready?
Don’t you think you might
Be afraid of where this could go?
Things that you can
And cannot control

Running, running, running
Chasing down the light
I know the dawn is coming
Does it have to take all night?
In the dark
We face ourselves alone
Asleep or awake
Abroad or at home