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Winnipeg Free Press: For Plaskett’s fans, new bio rocks

By Erin Lebar, Winnipeg Free Press

It may seem odd to some for an entire 220-page biography to be dedicated to a musician many haven’t heard of. But for those who do know Joel Plaskett, there is no denying the influence he’s had not only on the East Coast music scene, but on the Canadian musical identity as a whole.

Nowhere With You: The East Coast Anthems of Joel Plaskett, the Emergency and Thrush Hermit, written by Globe and Mail reporter Josh O’Kane, is out to prove that point, and he does so successfully. Read More

Joel Plaskett Takes Capitol Theatre Stage On Wednesday

By Ken Kelley, The Music Nerd Chronicles


As Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s favourite son Joel Plaskett celebrates the first anniversary of the release of his latest studio effort The Park Avenue Sobriety Test, the prolific singer-songwriter is looking to get back into the swing of things following a relatively quiet winter. Of course, precluding Plaskett’s relatively quiet winter was a 2015 chalk full of activity:

In addition to the near universal acclaim that greeted his latest album, Plaskett ventured into previously unchartered territory with the opening of the New Scotland Yard Emporium in Dartmouth.

Plaskett purchased a building on Portland St. in 2013. In the back of the building, he constructed his New Scotland Yard recording studio, which has since played host to many a fellow Maritime artist including Erin Costelo and Shotgun Jimmie. [READ MORE]

An indie darling with a stubborn streak

By Greg Mercer, Guelph Mercury

joel guelphA couple years ago, journalist Josh O’Kane had Joel Plaskett on the phone, and was pitching the idea of writing a book about his career.

The Halifax-based songwriter and musician, the man who’s spent two decades building an adoring fan base across Canada, said he was on-board with the project — but he didn’t want to trouble anyone.

“He said, ‘Don’t go out of your way, man.’ He didn’t want to inconvenience me,” said O’Kane, a New Brunswick-raised journalist who now writes for the Globe and Mail.

“He said, ‘You don’t have to come all the way out here.’ I thought that was a pretty Maritime-y response.” [READ MORE]

‘Nowhere With You:’ New book looks at how Joel Plaskett made it in the Maritimes

Author Josh O’Kane spent two years of his life documenting Plaskett’s, and the context that enabled the Juno award-winning Dartmouthian’s decades-long career.

By Zane Woodford, Metro
Photos By Jeff Harper/Metro

Joel Plaskett

His face is on the cover, but Nowhere With You isn’t really about Joel Plaskett.

“It’s about the notion of creating art in the Maritimes, in a place that so many people leave behind so constantly,” the book’s author, Josh O’Kane, said from his adopted home of Toronto during a recent telephone interview. Read More

Book Excerpt: Joel Plaskett demonstrates his true patriot love through music

By Josh O’Kane, The Globe and Mail

For a quarter-century, Joel Plaskett has been making acclaimed music from his home base of Halifax. In the forthcoming book Nowhere With You, Globe and Mail reporter Josh O’Kane – a Maritimer now living in Toronto – explores how Plaskett’s career and songs relate to life on Canada’s east coast, and where they fit in the CanCon canon. It will be published April 1.

The guys from Sloan were back for the holidays, and word had it they’d be at Dave Marsh’s new house for a party. Even though the Halifax drummer’s place had no furniture, Joel Plaskett had every reason to be there: It was close to home, his mentors in Sloan had long ago moved to Toronto, and in recent months Marsh had become a close confidant and musical partner. But instead, Plaskett got into his green ’69 Pontiac Parisienne and spent the last few hours of the 20th century driving to Cape Breton. [READ MORE]

Billy YTZ: The Joel Plaskett Neighbourhood Resurgency


Nova Scotia musician creates an excellent reason to cross over to the Darkside (That Is, Dartmouth). Come for the vinyl, stay for a haircut by Plaskett’s bassist.

By Lola Augustine Brown, Billy

Downtown Dartmouth, located just across the harbor from the Halifax Waterfront, used to have a bad reputation. Notoriously sketchy, and nicknamed “The Darkside,” there was no real reason to venture over the bridges to go there.

In the past few years the tides have started to turn and Downtown Dartmouth is teetering on the edge of being the next trendy Halifax-area neighbourhood. There are plenty of reasons to check it out. Musician Joel Plaskett’s new business venture, the New Scotland Yard Emporium (41 Portland St.) is most definitely one of them. [READ MORE]

P.A.S.T. included in View 902’s Top 20 Albums by Nova Scotians

By Ron Foley Macdonald, View 902

After years of crafting accessible alt-rock albums that garnered him a loyal following across Canada, Joel Plaskett’s latest album is also his finest. Whether it is the singalong title track – a sly lamentation of the curves that life can throw at you – or any of the rest of the album’s harder-rocking moments, The Park Avenue Sobriety Test situates Plaskett amongst the most heroic and enduring of Nova Scotia’s musical personalities, a rare example of a rocker who, while mellowing into middle age, is actually getting better as a result of the journey. Recorded more or less as a live album, which allows Plaskett to channel the immediacy that has characterized his legendary live performances for years, the album is loose, pointed and yet fully formed. Plaskett’s always raucous tunes are tempered by more serious, adult-oriented themes, on a work by a musician who – like all of us – is struggling to reconcile growing older with the inner child we all still feel inside. Assembling an eclectic musical cast to help him on the journey (his regular band are joined by Mo Kenny, for example, as well as singer-songwriter Peter Elkas and former Thrush Hermit drummer Ian McGettigan), the album plays like a traditional Maritime kitchen party, which fits the always engaging Plaskett to the proverbial “t”. On The Park Avenue Sobriety Test Joel Plaskett finally grows up, but does so without giving up. In the process, he has opened the door to a whole new range of exciting musical possibilities.


Brad-Cover-1 copy

By Rob Trites, The Brunswickan
Photos by Brad Parker

Joel Plaskett was in town for the annual Shivering Songs festival and teamed up with his father Bill to play a sold-out acoustic gig at the Wilmot United church last Saturday night, Jan. 23.

The father-son duo that commonly play shows together, opened the performance with beautiful harmonies, overlapping their vocals to create haunting melodies that rang through the vaulted cathedral church. Read More

Exclaim! covers Joel & Bill Plaskett at Shivering Songs in Fredericton


By Brian Cleveland, Exclaim!

Playing with his father in Fredericton for the first time since his 2009 Three tour, Joel Plaskett was specifically asked by the Shivering Songs organizers to reunite with Bill onstage for this year’s festival. Opening with the relatively dark “Heartless, Heartless, Heartless,” the duo started with songs mostly from Three, quickly picking up the set with “Through & Through & Through.” [READ MORE]

P.A.S.T. included in CBC Music’s Favourite Songs and Top Records of 2015!

By CBC Music

More year-end love from CBC Music for Joel. They asked their producers and radio hosts to choose their favourite songs and top 5 records of the year and “Park Avenue Sobriety Test” was included twice! Check out the full collection of lists here.