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March 30th Nanaimo, BC
The Queens Bill & Joel Plaskett "Solidarity Tour"
With special guest Mayhemingways
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March 31st Victoria, BC
Alix Goolden Performance Hall Bill & Joel Plaskett "Solidarity Tour"
With special guest Mayhemingways
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April 1st Vancouver, British Columbia
Vogue Theatre Bill & Joel Plaskett "Solidarity Tour"
With special guest Mayhemingways
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April 5th Waterloo/Kitchener, Ontario
Starlight Club Bill & Joel Plaskett "Solidarity Tour"
With special guest Mayhemingways
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Herohill Reviews Three

I know, I know. Right now all you haters are thinking, “Big deal. A review from herohill. You went to high school with the dude, of course you like him.” Well, while that might be true, for a long time I actually leaned on the opposite side of that equation. I figured I listened to Joel because we used to head to class together and I watched him almost break his face trying a hand plant. It wasn’t until I started just listening to Joel simply as a song writer that I realized how talented he is. Read More

DRIVEMAG.COM Reviews Three

It is time that Canada realized what a national treasure Joel Plaskett is. Whether with his band The Emergency or on his own solo recording, Plaskett keeps writing perfect pop songs with lyrics that will stick to you like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth. Now, in a time of music industry doom and gloom he has the audacity to release a triple CD Three. Read More

Now Magazine Reviews Three

When word first spread that East Coast singer/songwriter Joel Plaskett was releasing a triple album, we couldn’t help wondering what the hell he was thinking, trying to pull this off in the single-oriented iPod era. Hell, even in the days of vinyl, few artists succeeded at this kind of ambitious undertaking. Read More

The Prairie Dog Blog Live Review

Backing up the Barenaked Ladies tonight at Conexus Arts Centre is Joel Plaskett. Out of Halifax, Plaskett is a true treasure on the Canadian music scene. A founding member of Thrush Hermit in the early ’90s (a band who’ve reunited, by the way, and who were recently featured on the cover of the Now in Toronto), Plaskett has also made his mark as a solo artist, releasing a number of acclaimed discs and building a loyal fan base with his humorously poignant and personal bordering on confessional songs.

StarPhoenix Review Live Review

Joel Plaskett was an appropriate musical/comedic opener for the Ladies. His quick wit and sweet storytelling are well-known to his fans, but even those unfamiliar with his music seemed won over by the half-hour (too short) performance.

With accompaniment from indie favorite Peter Elkas, a couple of acoustic guitars and his trusty Value Village keyboard, Plaskett played a strong set, mostly using songs from his triple album Three.

Brayden Unwin Interview

Do good things come in three? Dartmouth-based singer-songwriter and rocker Joel Plaskett believes they do. He’s just released Three, the follow-up to 2007’s Polaris Prize-nominated Ashtray Rock. It’s a triple album that loosely documents the three-sided life and journey of a touring musician.

In this age of downsizing, how did the idea of a triple album present itself to you?

I had a handful of songs in threes, with the same word repeated three times, like [the track] Gone, Gone, Gone. I was just writing that way. And part of it was sparked by the fact that I had my studio space in Dartmouth. I had been writing a lot on the road, with a lot of songs half-finished. I decided to break it into three themes: The first record is about going away, or being left behind” record two is about being alone where you are, and record three is coming home. Read More

Beatroute Magazine Reviews Ashtray Rock

Fully flexed, The Joel Plaskett Emergency releases their fifth and most vibrant album yet, displaying the musical intelligence of Plaskett. The album is constructed in a story format, starting with an Introduction of peculiar mixings, but once this has passed the tracks take off in perfect formation. Instrumentally, there is more prominence of digital sounds within the tracks than previous albums, especially on Fashionable People which is a nicely composed pop song comparable to Nowhere With You in its catchy beat. Read More

Moncton Times & Transcript Ashtray Rock

4 stars

Nova Scotia’s Joel Plaskett successfully merges his ’70s-style rock side and his mellower acoustic on the Emergency’s latest effort. It’s a loose concept album based on the fictional story of a band from Nova Scotia forming in high school at the teen hangout “Ashtray Rock” (an actual place in Northcliffe Park), then later breaking up over a girl. Read More